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Our History

Following The Vision As God Gave It


The reality ministry started about two decades ago from nothing to something. The church began through the obedience of a man. Pastor Oluwarotimi Abayomi peter Who was once a business man based in Lagos and supplied his products in Abuja ( the capital city of Nigeria) though he was born in a Christian family but experienced a geniue salvation in 1990, since then he has been a God’s fear person throughout his life till he was called into the ministry in Abuja where he was busy with his business in April 1998 with the message of “GO AND DELIVER MY PEOPLE FROM THE HANDS OF THE DEVIL” he came to Akure Ondo State where he was sent to start his ministry not yet married then, alone with God even as a full time pastor till now.

With the faith he has in God and the reality of his calling. he started the church by preaching to the benches, after three months the church has the first member, six months five members, one year ten member till we get to where we are today. He is blessed with a supporting wife, Deborah and three children, Michael, glory and blessing.

About the man of God

Rev. Oluwarotimi peter was born about five decades ago in the western region of Nigeria where he has his basic education, the struggle began when he lost his caring father in early 70’s his poor mother tried her best to take care of him with the other siblings find it impossible, this make Pastor Oluwarotimi to pass through some rigorous stages of live, trying become somebody.

In 1998, he was busy with his supplying business in Abuja (the capital city of Nigeria) with his motor cycle when he was struck down on the was way, just like the day of Paul the Apostle and the voice came to him to embark to the work of the ministry, all the effort to start the motor cycle was aborted, it couldn’t start, he has to push it from that place where he lives, the distance of 20 kilometers. In the night of the said day, he was on his dream when God showed him a revelation of a airplane that was about to crash, he saw this big plane full of passengers moving contrary on the air, suddenly the plane landed on the ground and all the passengers died with their blood gushing out to where he was standing and he screamed “why is the devil wasting people’s live like this” suddenly he heard a voice that says,” go and deliver my people from the hands of the devil”

In the following morning, he has to obey the voice of God and move all his belongings including his broken down motorcycle to where he was sent for the work of the ministry, to his amazement, the motorcycle which refused to start when he has an encounter with God started working on his own as soon as he stepped on the ground of his mission field.

Since he did not no what to do and where to start, he started with getting enroll in a bible school, when he spent his first year in the bible school, God instructed him to start his pastoring assignment, with the knowledge he has in the word of God for principle of little beginning, he started the church in one of the class room of a nursery school with no attendance, he has to pastor the empty benches with nobody on seat for months, to the extends that the people of that community called him all sort of names through that action, still he was not discourage, at that time he was 27 year old not yet married and working as a full time pastor, things were so difficult but he held on to his faith, at the six month of the church he has the first member, at the first year he has 10 members, on and on to where the church is today as one of the grown church in the city of Akure which has been a blessing to many people in across the nations of the world.

His married with a supporting wife (Deborah) and three children ( Michael, Glory and Blessing).

Rev. Oluwarotimi Peter has a passion for growth which make him to has ministers conferences all over the places to teach about the reality and possibly of growth, God has helped him to write about 35 books of different topics, “one of the is the secret of covenant” which people rated as the best of the books, there he says that covenant is all we need to get to where we are going. All the books will be found in the bookstore of this site.

Rev. Oluwarotimi Peter

Founder/General Overseer

Led by Pastor (Mrs) Oluwarotimi, this ministry brings women of all ages and tribes together. Annually Reality Women Convention by May…

Pastor (Mrs) Oluwarotimi


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