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Following The Vision As God Gave It

Testimony of Divine Healing

God has not cease doing miracles on earth. He is still healing and performing mircales today among us

My name is Mrs Adeyemi, during my pregnancy, I was feeling abnormality in my womb, that made me to go for a medical checkup. it was confirmed by the doctor that there was no baby in my womb that it is just an ordinary gas. i came to meet our fatther, Rev. Oluwarotimi and he told me that i should go on my way, meaning there was no problem with me, Lo and behold at the ninth month, I gave birth to a bouncy baby girl.

She had challenge in the stomach and was instanly healed when the man of God prayed for her

Instantly Healed from pains all over the body

Instantly healed from moving object inside her body

Testifying to God goodness in his life and family

Growth on the breast disappeared instantly when the man of God prayered for her during healing service.

Instantly healed from a stiffness in his left hand and leg during the healing service with the man of God.

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